Towards A Safer & Greener Future Mobility

AI-enabled Smart Driving App: Cutting-Edge Computer Vision on Mobile

Game-Changing Pure Vision-Enabled Perception Technology

Why LiDAR ?

LIDAR is a fool’s errand… and anyone relying on LiDAR is doomed. 

— Elon Musk

Meet Artificient: One Camera is All You Need!

Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence Enabling Pure Vision-based 3D Environment Sensing

How Does It Work?

Affordable Computer Vision Solution for Every Need

Day & Night

Capable of perception with excessive or little ambient light 

Near & Far

Precise detection up to 80 meters

Power Efficient

Require a fraction of the CPU/GPU power typically used for 3D perception

Camera Adaptability

Adaptive to a wide range of camera types, no camera calibration and configuration needed

Evergreen Upgrade

Require zero human-labeled data and every seen image on the road contributes to model training.

Flexible deployment solutions on mobiles,
and more to come...

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